Welcome to Edutude!

We are a team of teachers and parents with a passion for nurturing young minds and encouraging our youth to find what motivates them to broaden their horizons.

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Our Mission

At Edutude, we recognize that every student has great potential. We believe this to be true even for bright young minds that don’t feel engaged in the traditional classroom setting. Through our combined experience of raising and teaching children, we know that education doesn’t have to adhere to the rigid curriculum requirements that are often implemented in classrooms. In fact, it can be way more beneficial for students to have fun while they learn!

We strive to find unique, creative ways for parents and educators to encourage students to be challenged, motivated and excited by learning. We have scoured the web to find ways to make education fun for students of all ages, and we are constantly on the hunt for more!

If you have a great lesson plan, mental exercise or just plain FUN way to help students of any age embrace education, please let us know so we can add it to our site. Additionally, if you are searching for material that will make your learning journey more meaningful, please contact us and we will do our best to find content for you that will fit your needs. Our services are free!

Edutude – where education has an attitude!