K-5 Resources

QuadBlogging links your class with three others from across the country to across the world to allow students to blog with each other about common topics. It’s an innovative, interactive  way to develop awareness of similarities and differences of peers from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds.

CoolMath4Kids offers games, flashcards, and practice lessons for K-5 level math students. Topics range from addition & subtraction to fractions to geometry to long division.

ScienceMonster, a branch of CoolMath, offers games and lessons on science topics including astronomy, life science, technology, and physical science.

Math Playground has math games, word games, and logic puzzles for students grades 1-7. It also has a section that includes language arts, spelling, and geography games.

Paula Kluth’s website is dedicated to promoting inclusive schooling for students with autism and other disabilities. Her blog and readings offer resources and positive, insightful stories about how to make the classroom more supportive for special needs students.